Event Message

The pictures and record files of alarm information (with the latest at the top) are listed on this interface. The pictures marked with Picture Encrypted are enabled with security mode which requires verification code before you can check the pictures.

Note: The verification code is marked on the device label. If no verification code is provided, please enter ABCDEF as the verification code.

  1. : Mark all the unread message as read.
  2. : Select to display all the message or only display the unread message.
  3. : Set the search condition to look for the matched results.
  4. : Show statistics of the message by day or week.
  5. : Delete the messages in bacth.
  6. You can click the  in the top right corner of the message to delete it.


System Message

The system message and notification are listed here for you to check the latest news of hicloudcam.